One of the main questions you find physicians asking EHR vendors is, “How long will it take me to get the EHR up and running?”
Unfortunately, physicians receive extremely vague answers because the amount of time it takes to implement an EHR system depends.  It depends on how many physicians are in your practice, your specialty, how tech-savvy your employees are, if you ready to go paperless, etc.

You must keep in mind these factors when selecting an EHR, because it is not always the vendor.  Slow implementation can be because you just do not have a strong understanding of how to work a computer.
Tell the EHR vendors everything about your practice so you can receive a good estimate.   Ask your EHR vendor if there is anything you can do to prepare for EHR implementation to speed up the process.

Smaller practices can expect 2-3 month for your practice to go live.
Larger clinics/hospitals can expect about one year for your clinic/hospital to go live.