Medicare’s offer for stimulus incentive has been the talk-of-town for most physicians lately. Those with the ample budget and flocking patients go for it as they could easily qualify for the incentives in the future. Medicare’s incentive offerings cater to many specialties but there are certain fields of medicine that find it difficult to gain eligibility for the funds. But other health practitioners such as Pediatricians have transitioned to the EMR software faster than professionals from other specialties and are greatly benefiting from the software.

However Pediatricians can’t just adopt any EMR Software available in the market. Unlike most Baby Boomer generation specialties, Pediatrics has very unique requirements not usually offered by most EMR vendors.

In determining the right-fit EMR software for a Pediatrician, there are key features to remember. These should be found in the software of choice in order to work hand-in-hand with the Pediatrician effectively. Here are the top 12 EMR features specific for a Pediatrician:

1.  Age and gender specific growth charts should be easily accessed and incorporated into the Pediatrician’s chart notes with a single click for reference.

2.  Immunization history should be displayed whilst helping identify what vaccines had previously been given, their specific doses, and what still needs to be given to the child at a certain age. Also included are health maintenance and preventive care reminders specific for the child.

3. Capable of printing out consent forms quickly for emergency situations as well as capturing parent’s signature electronically.

4. Supplies knowledge-based templates and pre-populated intuitive learning design to assist Pediatricians in performing thorough child examination.

5.  Developmental milestones could easily be accessed and documented.

6. Documents birth history and prenatal history with access for easy reviewing.

7. Fully integrates with an up to date pediatric dosage calculator and possesses a checking and alert system for drug interaction to ensure appropriate drug and dosages are given for the child based on his weight and age. Allows prescriptions to be easily printed, faxed, or sent electronically to pharmacy of choice including an updated national pharmacy database.

8. Fully integrated bi-directional electronic lab interface to easily order required lab tests and receive results automatically attached to the patient’s electronic chart. Incorporates as well an option to print and fax lab orders.

9.  School forms, camp physical forms, or sports physical forms could easily be accessed and returned in a printable form with a click of a button.

10. Possess the ability to chart notes electronically or input vitals and other information through several on-the-fly methods including point-and-click, voice recognition, handwriting recognition, and even accommodating the use of customizable and printable patient and doctor specific forms.

11. Determines State Vaccine administrations regulations for participating States.

12. Holds a fully integrated electronic medical billing system capable of tasks such as easy tracking, posting, reporting, A/R management, and an option to process paper billing.

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