CMS released a new proposed ruling regarding the Meaningful Use timeline.  The new time frame would allow all providers to attest for Meaningful Use this year under the original Stage 1 MU criteria.

This is great news for those clinicians who were waiting to attest. Read more on the proposed ruling: 

The reasons behind this more practical timeline vary. The bottom line is this will give vendors that have not stayed ahead of the curve and current with government mandates time to develop an EHR following specifications. Some vendors may use the time to go beyond requirements and develop a superior EHR, one that enriches a physician’s practice. Clinicians will continue to have choices and possibly the market will not narrow down as quickly.

Medicare wants to reinstate 2011 Phase I for another year. Please see the letter sent by the American Medical Association to the Feds last week. It says it all:   

Finally, the federal government is beginning to find out that this is not an easy endeavor.  The spirit of what the government wants to do is valued, but not the method used. The devil is in the details.

Selecting a lousy EHR is easy.  Selecting a great EHR takes dedication, commitment and is challenging.
As soon as this proposed regulation becomes the law of the land – which will happen very soon, the pressure will be released, and time can be used wisely to make the best EHR system selection. There are choices that offer an efficient methodology to utilize data to prevent and treat disease, while providing administrative and Revenue Cycle Management tools to develop a profitable business that truly helps people.



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