Most of us have very full lives and find value in saving time by researching and purchasing almost everything on Amazon is a cutting edge retailer that has mastered IT engineering and the customer experience.

Why does health care not provide a similar experience? It is rare to speak with a practice that is pleased with their present electronic workflow. Most claim that it slows them down and takes the personal relation away from the patient/clinician encounter.  Perhaps, in the future, there is a way for Health Information Technology to follow the Amazon-inspired philosophy of delivering a seamless experience from point of contact to follow-up visit. Does your EMR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing system enhance the patient experience?

Emulating Amazon is no small feat. To learn more about “What Health Care Can Learn from Amazon,” attend  a special webinar event hosted by athenaHealth on Wednesday, March 19th, at 12:15 PM EST.

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Ashlee Patterson
EHRscope Market Analyst