Advances in technology and health care play a pivotal role in providing people quality health care around the globe. The digital age has produced many essential devices that have changed the inner workings of the health care industry. There are several options available to patients and doctors seeking quality health care solutions in today’s growing market. These devices such as smart phones, blackberries, PDA’s, android phones, and high-speed Internet access are available to health care workers around the globe. Mobile health has improved the way medical information is accessed and processed on a global scale.

Every day health care workers aim to achieve success with each patient they see. This includes making the correct diagnosis and finding the best way to treat the patient. Scientific breakthroughs have increased the amount of medical data available due to intense scientific studies and the integration of mobile technology. More demands are placed on health care workers with the rapid development of the medical industry. One essential benefit mobile health plays is allowing databases of medical conditions to be accessed when they are needed.

Empowerment through mobile health

The human mind is a complex organism that functions much like a machine; however one person cannot remember or memorize every health condition plaguing the world. This is where the benefits of mobile health come into play. Health care workers are able to reference a large and ever-growing database of diseases, conditions, remedies, and treatment options of all kinds. Mobile applications also connect health care workers to medical portals to view information on other doctors, facilities, and even health practices in other parts of the world. This information may be relayed to patients to assist their care while giving them options in their treatment plan.

The most influential aspect of mobile health applications are that they provide instant access to a rapidly expanding medical field. This is imperative to stay up to date with rapidly evolving medical procedures, drug information and interactions, and newly introduced and evolving alternatives. There is no limit to the amount of information that can be accessed by patients, doctors, and scientists alike. For instance, animated medical encyclopedias may be accessed to learn about certain conditions and health risks to increase health. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine is an interactive book by McGraw-Hill that is now available for download onto iPads. Mobile health technologies allow remote monitoring of health conditions to avoid risks, complications, and recurrences of serious diseases.

The global impact of mobile health

Electronic protocols have the ability to improve health care in countries that do not have many resources. Since the 1980’s mobile health has been a pioneering force that has saved millions of lives. People who have never seen a doctor before have been able to receive the quality care they have always needed. Independent mobile health equipment can be set up in different points of the world to enhance the health of people who suffer from poverty, malnutrition, and curable diseases. Remote patient monitoring connect people from all points on the globe to eradicate disease, malnutrition, and unhygienic lifestyles that are so common in many different countries of the world.

According to a recent survey in health technology, ninety-three percent of respondents believe that mobile health can improve the quality and availability of health care in developing countries.
The countries do not have access to clean and sanitary resources for every-day tasks are most at risk of poor health and nutrition that contributes to a high rate of diseases. Integration of mobile health care efficiently treats disease while acting as a great method of preventative medicine as well. Mobile phones and medical equipment offer support to people in these areas and has even been approved by government agencies for worldwide usage. Mobile health has the capacity to greatly impacts health around the world one patient at a time through implementing education and awareness in impoverished nations.

Growth potential

Although mobile health is still in its embryonic state, it still has influential growth potential for all countries around the world. This technology has what it takes to evolve based on database administration techniques to the implementation of complex mobile health programs to target a population of people. Mobile health operators have cutting-edge advantages for most health care facilities and companies. Not only will this technology be profitable for operators and health care workers, but also mobile health devices can be produced to meet any budget.

Mobile e-health surpasses barriers of all kinds to make a positive influence and contribution to the state of health on a global scale. This system also serves as an effective method for educating people on health conditions, why they occur, and how they can be prevented. Doctors from different parts of the world can connect to discuss ideas that ultimately lead to the evolution of medical information and data processing. The integration of medical technology from all parts of the world paves a path that was not possible years ago. Mobile health has made an instrumental impact on modern health care and will only evolve further to create opportunities that were previously overlooked.