In the world of Information Management there are many options to choose from when it comes to the transition from hard copy documentation to digital documentation and often that leads to “Decision Overload”, a common symptom when there are too many options provided for a simple need. The cure for this problem is prioritization. Easily said but not so easy to do. The first step is to clearly understand the objectives and when it comes to scanning hard copy files into digital formatting, there are 6 primary objectives.

  1. Discard promptly records you no longer need
  2. Improve retrieval of records by reducing their bulk
  3. Reduce staff time needed to access records
  4. Save money by reducing storage costs
  5. Save space by freeing up filing cabinets and storage areas
  6. Identify and, therefore, preserve permanent records

In the spirit of simplicity, taking one bite at a time is a great process for prioritization! LAUREN PERKINS is a branding and digital marketing expert who suggests the following steps in BOLD for prioritization:

  • Make a List: Lauren suggests that you make a list. You could start with the 6 objectives stated above and then categorize them into urgent vs. non-urgent to determine the top priorities.
  • Assess the Value: Completing certain tasks will offer more benefits than others so I would suggest that the greater value is based on the tasks that more closely effect your customers. If the task helps you more readily serve your customers then that has greater value then tasks that focus on only the internal benefits.
  • Be Flexible: To be able to effectively prioritize, it’s important to be able to manage changing priorities. Many factors pull us in a variety of directions, so take them as they come and decide what has the greatest urgency and go with it.
  • Cut the Cord: This is probably the most difficult one for most of us to work with. Many of us are “Get-The-Job-Done-r’s” and find it difficult to rely on others when a job needs to get done right and done on time. However, finding a trusted alliance partner that follows through with what they said they would do is freedom beyond compare! When you find that person or company, cut the cord from the project and let them help you build the business or practice!

So now “You’ve Been Scanned” and I hope you have found it helpful. I look forward to you visiting us again when we discuss “The Virtues of Accountability”.