Webinar: Preparing for ICD-10 in 2015

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Preparing for ICD-10 in 2015

Wednesday, November 5th at 12:00 p.m. ET

When the ICD-10 deadline was pushed to October 1, 2015, the industry was granted a brief reprieve from preparing for the transition. But the clock is now ticking again – and now is not the time to fall behind. In this free webinar, ICD-10 expert Carey Manning will get you up to speed on what you should be doing right now to prepare your practice, and how the right partner can keep you on top of change—no matter what the industry throws your way next.
Topics we’ll cover include: Continue reading: Webinar: Preparing for ICD-10 in 2015

Webinar Reminder July 23rd: 5 Ways to Grow Your Practice

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5 Ways to Grow Your Practice
Is Your Software an Expense or Investment?
July 23rd | 12pm ET | 9am PT

Meet Your Speaker:
  Reuven Lirov Reuven Lirov, M.A.

Reuven heads a team of Practice Success Coaches and Profitability Directors for over 250 practices and over 800 practice staff across multiple specialties. His team posts over $4,000,000 in monthly insurance payments, focusing on finding ways to accelerate practice cashflow, improve compliance, and foster office staff teamwork. In the past 3 years, his clients have seen average revenue growth of 186%, patient visit growth of 141%, and patient lifespan increases of 86%.

Nothing Assuring about Health Insurers

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by Sally Ginsburg, MD, for athenahealth

I recently read a New York Times article about the salaries of insurance executives that left me gobsmacked. Did you know the average annual base salary of insurance company CEOs in 2013, according to the article, was $544,000? (Wait, that’s just the base pay — annual total compensation is typically between 11 and 18 million dollars.) If the health care reimbursement process was a seamless one, then perhaps these numbers wouldn’t leave such a horrible taste in my mouth. But that’s not the case.

I doubt that I am alone in thinking U.S. health insurers have somehow negotiated themselves the deal of the century. They have managed to create a situation in which they collect huge sums of money in the form of premiums, not having to make payments until all the patient responsibility — co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles — max out. Once that maximum out-of-pocket limit is reached, then the payers are obligated to pony up their reimbursement payments.

The payment paradigm in health care is in the midst of a gradual, yet massive shift, from the classic fee-for-service model to a system that rewards value; at the same time, it has become increasingly difficult for patients or physician offices to contact insurance companies.

Read the full story here.

Webinar reminder: Meaningful Use Stage 2 Interoperability

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Just the Facts – Meaningful Use stage 2 & ICD 10

Wednesday, June 4th from 2:00 – 3:00 EST

Attend this hard hitting session where Rebecca Wiedmeyer, President of Vela Consulting Group will share her experiences helping hundreds of covered entities understand and address MU 2. In addition she will provide answers to the complexity of addressing ICD 10.

Presented By: Rebecca Wiedmeyer, President of Vela Consulting Group

Moderator: Marc Haskelson, Compliancy Group

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The Critical Role of ‘Delightful’ Design in Mobile Healthcare

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The Health Leadership Forum sat down with Abbe Don, Vice President of User Experience at Epocrates to discuss trends in mobile healthcare technology and the role that design will play in spreading adoption and use of these technologies. Don leads the team responsible for creating a contemporary and innovative mobile customer experience for caregivers. Prior to joining Epocrates in June 2013, she spent 25 years focused on user experience design for companies such as Apple, The Walt Disney Company, Hewlett Packard, and IDEO.

Read the interview here.

Complimentary HIPAA Education Series

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FREE HIPAA Education Series
presented by The Compliancy Group
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June 4thJust the Facts:
Meaningful Use Stage 2 & ICD10
Declining revenues are becoming very common among physician practices.  Less money is being collected by patients, payer reimbursements are declining and operational costs areRead More>>
June 4thWhat You Need to Know about
Meaningful Use 2 & Interoperability
You are constantly challenged to stay abreast of the latest information on EHR integration and HIE interoperability, Meaningful Use stages, the Direct Project, clinician and patient portalsRead More>>

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished in Meaningful Use

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Last week CMS essentially reversed their compliance date stance for the Meaningful Use program in what amounted to  a big smack in the face to any health care provider that has put in the effort and time to knock Stage 2 out of the park. Providers working hard to successfully meet the Stage 2 measures shouldn’t feel that it is all for naught. You are on the cutting edge of using technology to deliver better care, and that makes you some of the best care providers out there.

Read more at: http://athenahealth.com/blogEHRScope

Healthcare analytics enters new frontier of value-based care

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KLAS reports on how the healthcare analytics market is changing in the new paradigm of value-based care

Amid the shift toward value-based care, providers’ analytics needs are drastically changing, resulting in vendors rushing to the market with a wave of new products, including more targeted solutions. This according to the most recent KLAS report,Healthcare Analytics Perception 2014: Analytics for Value-Based Care—A New Paradigm.”

The healthcare analytics market is bursting with vendors, giving providers more options than ever before. In fact, in this perception study, providers mentioned a staggering 87 different vendors being considered for BI/analytics in value-based care. To that point, no single vendor was mentioned more than 7% of the time. In this report, KLAS makes sense of the growing vendor crowd and provides insights into the most-considered vendors.

“Business intelligence and analytics have gone from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a ‘must-have’ in today’s challenging healthcare environment,” said Joe Van De Graaff, report author. “To fulfill short-term analytics needs, many providers report shifting more consideration to vendors with healthcare-specific solutions. However, a clear market leader has yet to emerge.”

KLAS spoke to more than 100 healthcare providers to capture which vendors they are considering and in which specific arenas. Visit KLAS online at www.KLASresearch.com/KLASreports.

Do EMR and Practice Management systems really improve efficiency or was it a trick?

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New and seasoned Practice Managers and Physicians know that handling the day to day tasks of running a medical practice can be time consuming. Administrative tasks and responsibilities have increased with ever-changing government regulations, Medicare laws, and legal concerns.  Efficiency appears to be a losing battle, and stressful workflows take a toll on delivering compassionate patient care. A paperless office was presented as a time and cost saving endeavor that would lead to better patient care. Or was it a trick?

Sound familiar?

A polished representative came to the office to demonstrate their EMR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing system. You were convinced, “this is the solution, what a relief, Ah…!” Thousands of dollars and countless hours spent on implementation and training. Finally, the “go live” date arrived. Then, reality hit; the staff forgot how to upload documents, the doctor was in the exam room trying unsuccessfully to view an MRI with the patient, and you frantically tried to fix the issues. The workflow stopped as panic took over. You finally phoned customer support and you were placed on hold. “Ugh,” you began to question…”How much longer will the learning curve actually take?”  “Did I make the right system selection?” “Why did I try to improve efficiency?” “It really wasn’t that bad and where is that polished sales person now?”

Continue reading: Do EMR and Practice Management systems really improve efficiency or was it a trick?

Sometimes Breaking Up Isn’t That Hard To Do

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April 22, 2014

This week athenahealth resigned from the Electronic Health Records Association (EHRA), the trade association that ostensibly represents the collective interests of the EHR industry in the many Washington, D.C.-based policy debates that impact EHR vendors and, by extension, their care provider clients. Members since late 2011, we joined the EHRA hoping to utilize the organization as a forum to spread our often-distinct points of view on particular issues — like the then-relatively-new Meaningful Use program — that were gaining prominence in the national debate over healthcare reform.

Continue reading: Sometimes Breaking Up Isn’t That Hard To Do