Billing and claims are vital elements to keep your medical practice generating revenue. They are tools that facilitate the automated creation of the SuperBill, claims processing and collection support.

There are two different types of billing: Onsite and Offsite


When seeking an Electronic Health Record, several EHR Companies will offer you an ‘integrated suite.’ This integrated suite includes the EHR System as well as the Practice Management system.

The Practice Management system is where your office staff is able to schedule appointments as well as keep track of the billing. With on-site billing, your practice is held responsible for all of the billing/claims.


Off-site billing is when a third party (outsourced) company is responsible for all of your billing/claims.

Does your practice need off-site (outsourced) billing?

You should consider off-site billing if your practice has any of these concerns:

  1. Insufficient Follow Up
  2. Weak Billing Process Control
  3. Too Much Manual Work
  4. Too Many Disparate Systems

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