A device that shreds paper so it becomes illegible.

A shredder is of importance to your practice because you hold confidential information. Any document that is confidential needs to be destroyed in a manner that someone cannot read. This will prevent identity theft/fraud.

When going paperless, you will end up discarding your paper charts. Shredding services would be the quickest method to shred your documents.

Types of shredders:

  • Mobile Shredding Truck: Truck that shreds your documents on-site.
  • Shredding Services: Companies that shred on-site using a mobile shredder or have an off-site location.
  • Strip-cut Shredder: This is the least secure type of shredder.
  • Cross-cut Shredder: Uses two contra-rotating drums to cut rectangular, parallelogram or diamond-shaped shreds.
  • Particle-cut Shredder: Shred into tiny square/circular pieces.
  • Disintegrators: Cut paper at random and are small enough to pass through a mesh.
  • Hammermills: Paper is pounded through a screen.
  • Pierce and Tear: Using rotating blades it pierces and then tears the paper apart.
  • Grinders: Grinds the paper until it is small enough to fit through a screen.