There are several attorneys that assist physicians in negotiating contracts with EHR Vendors. Attorneys understand every nuance within vendor contracts and will make sure that you get the best deal. They will sit with you to discuss important issues such as CCHIT, Stark Law, HIPAA, ARRA. Instead of you spending your time speaking with the vendor, they will do it for you. It will help you build a relationship with someone who is an expert in reading the contracts so you are able to do your job, and not spend time away from the practice.

These specialized attorneys are here to help you answer every question that you may have. They will provide you with the truth, and will not ‘sell’ you on a specific product. They are on your team and care about your well-being.

Consider looking into negotiating attorneys in your area. To learn more about this subject, click here. Mark Lynn, an attorney from Miami, Florida spoke with EHRtv about how attorneys can help physicians throughout the implementation process.