Training is a vital part of your EHR implementation. EHR training ensures that your office is using the system correctly. Without the proper training you can spend months trying to learn the ins and outs of the EHR. Some companies build the training into their pricing while some do not. In those cases, you will have to pay an additional fee.

In addition to the pricing differences, many EHRs have two different forms of training: on-site and web-based. On-site training is when you practice will pay for the EHR technical team to travel to your location and teach you the system. As a practice, you will need to pay for travel expenses and the daily training rate.

An alternative to on-site training is web-based training. This is when you learn the EHR from your office and speak to a technical support specialist that is located elsewhere. This method may be less expensive; however, you do not receive the ‘hands on’ experience that you would receive when speaking to a person face to face.

It is easier for a technical specialist to spot problems when he/she is physically in your office. They are able to better understand your workflow and concerns and can make modifications to their training program.

Make sure to speak with each EHR vendor to determine how they train new EHR users. Find out if there are additional costs and what type of training is required.