There are over 600 Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMRs / EHRs) that are readily available to implement within the United States. Although there are an abundance of EMRs, there are only a small number of EMRs that are plausible for your medical practice to consider.

Starting the EMR selection process is extremely tedious. provides you with a methodology that will produce immediate results in narrowing down the list to the most appropriate EMRs for your practice. You are not required to disclose any personal information, just use our filtering options and research! We recommend that you answer all 14 questions (clicking ‘more filters’ to view all filters). Once you have completed answering the questions, simply click ‘Filter EMRs’ and you will be presented with a list of EMRs which meet the qualifications you’ve set forth in the filters.

If you are interested in receiving FREE Electronic Medical Record assistance, please visit . This is a website where you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire that our staff reviews and then provides you recommendations based on what you are looking for in an EMR. In addition, is able to schedule demonstrations for you to view EMRs that we recommend. With you must provide accurate contact information. Our staff will contact you via phone to see what they are able to do to further assist you. Recommendations may be provided with in a day or two.

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