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Written by Guest     April 30, 2010    
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Web-based, affordable EMR Practice Management Solutions designed by real-world physicians for the real-world needs of today's dynamic practices and healthcare centers

Waiting Room Solutions was built by practicing physicians that consistently saw significant shortcomings in existing medical practice management systems. These shortcomings included: prohibitively expensive pricing, non-enterprise solutions, corrupt data, a pricing model that extracted unreasonable service fees, lack of connectivity, and lack of web-based solutions. Most significantly, there was wide-spread dissatisfaction amongst physicians with their information system capabilities and pricing. Waiting Room Solutions answered that need with an affordable, web-based solution.

Because Waiting Room Solutions was designed with the experience of physicians who truly understand the pressures and challenges of building a successful, compliant healthcare practice while controlling costs and ensuring profitability, our Waiting Room Solutions EMR and Practice Management solution is ideally designed to help you:

  • Chart more quickly, comfortably and efficiently while capturing all charges for services.
  • Improve patient communications by offering online access to maintain their own healthcare records and appointments
  • Input data more efficiently, accurately and timely via the processes that you prefer template keyboard, tablet, voice recognition, dictation, or handwriting recognition
  • Automatically and accurately enter claim submissions without the need for dual entry by your staff
  • Improve practice efficiency and patient satisfaction by answering patients’ questions via secure online technology and reducing phone and fax activity

…and many other features and benefits designed to help you meet today’s challenges in patient care and management.

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