AIMS Consultant

EHR Scope, LLC Announces the Launch of a New Service: AIMSConsultant

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – February 29th, 2012 – EHR Scope, L.L.C. has launched a new service called AIMSConsultant which will provide the breadth of information necessary for anesthesiologists and operative facilities, both hospital based and ambulatory surgical centers, to make informed decisions in their search for the most appropriate technology to run their entire peri-operative enterprises.

Starting at receiving information from the surgeons’ offices, through all operating room activities, to exchanging information with the post anesthesia care unit and associated units, utilizing the most appropriate Anesthesia Information Management System, (AIMS), will be critical to the success of tomorrow’s peri-operative physicians and organizations. Similarly, whether interfacing with your existing anesthesia equipment or preparing for the acquisition of new compatible equipment, significant expertise and experience is crucial to avoiding costly errors. Finally, utilizing the most cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) / medical billing partner will be critical for survival in these very competitive environments.

Most facilities have neither the luxury of unlimited resources, nor the freedom to choose technology unrelated to their legacy systems. Determining the proper systems based upon realistic budgets and the constraints of existing hardware and software is a labor intensive process. Any individual expert in the field is likely to have merely a portion of the requisite knowledge and experience.

AIMSConsultant is based upon a proprietary matching methodology platform developed and in use by EHR Scope in the ambulatory space since 2004. The EHR Scope platform has been customized and optimized for anesthesia by the founder of EHR Scope in consultation with anesthesiologist with extensive experience in both clinical anesthesia and operating room leadership, including the design and outfitting of new operating room facilities. AIMSConsultant is supported by what is one of the largest databases of anesthesia specific information in the healthcare IT field, and it provides mission critical comparative information, allowing administrators including CIOs, CMIOs, as well as anesthesiologists, to review, in real time, the relevant options.

Which anesthesia machines are compatible with which AIMS? Which AIMS are compatible with which revenue cycle management companies? Which are the most cost-effective billing methods? Which AIMS will be compatible with the existing hospital information system?

The answers to these questions and others will be forthcoming from the AIMSConsultant database. Furthermore, AIMSConsultant, a service of EHR Scope, LLC, addresses workflow functionality and quality of care issues.

AIMS Consultant is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the field of Health Information Technology. The team is managed, on a full time basis, by an Anesthesiologist and an Orthopedic Surgeon, and they are ready to address the needs of all facilities that utilize anesthesia services.

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