RCM Consultant

RCMConsultantSM, a service of EHR Scope, LLC

You’ve worked hard to become a physician, and you’re working long hours involved in patient care and managing your practice. You deserve to be paid appropriately for your efforts.

The field previously known as Medical Billing is ever more complex and the appropriate current moniker is Revenue Cycle Management. RCM consists of all of the functions, both clinical and administrative, that are required to collect the revenue associated with patient care. This includes data capture, submitting bills, and unfortunately, resubmitting bills.

There are hundreds of revenue cycle management companies throughout the world that are involved in collecting revenue for United States based physicians. Determining which will be most appropriate for your practice is a daunting job, in part because of their differences in skill level, but even more basically because of their differences in concentration in different specialties, different payors and different business models.

This is where RCMConsultant comes in. After you complete a form directed at determining your current environment and your needs, we will recommend one or more companies which we feel can appropriately address your needs.

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