While at HIMSS10, it was clear that the Health IT movement is progressing. Now that many major hospital systems and larger group physician practices have adopted EHR systems, how is their digitized health information going to move through the larger healthcare system? The HIMSS10 Interoperability Showcase focused on answering this very question. Vendors and other companies are now looking into creating the health information highway, so health information can leave silos and be seamlessly transported between healthcare entities and delivery systems. 

However, with this advancement in Health IT interoperability and exchange, more questions about safety and security of Health IT arise. Many companies have emerged to offer services that will securely and safely share and exchange digitized health data.

One of these companies is FireHost, and I had the opportunity to speak with FireHost’s CEO, Chris Drake. Firehost is a secure web hosting company that provides affordable hosting solutions with enterprise level security to companies of all sizes. FireHost is heavily involved in the Health IT, as the security and privacy of digitized health information is an issue at the forefront of the national push for an interoperable health IT infrastructure. Chris spoke about some of the critical issues facing Health IT security with the growing popularity of web-based EHR systems.

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