After the recent election, there is a certain buzz around Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and their projected impact upon Healthcare Reform.  The establishment of ACOs is part of the Affordable Care Act’s long and varied history.  The ideas behind the development of ACOS are drawn from the need to significantly reduce Healthcare costs, increase quality of outcomes and offset rising prices.  The proposed means of attaining these goals include incentive programs and meaningful technological integration.  These provider organizations, which are community-centric and operate heavily within the depleting government Healthcare programs, are seen as the most viable candidates to become ACOs.   ACOs are becoming defined as any one large organization, existing system or cluster of smaller organizations partnering as a networked, technology-driven care system with competitive and incentivized markets.  ACOs will be created around quality, cost control and tracking care outcomes.  These outcomes will be monitored and maintained by EHRs. Continue reading: Accountable Care and the ACO will be “Glued Together With Technology”