By Eric S. Fishman, MD, February 9, 2009

While the United States spends more money per citizen on its healthcare than any other country, and while its physicians are extraordinarily well trained and capable, it is widely acknowledged that the quality of the healthcare provided in the United States is inferior to that of many other countries. It is furthermore assumed, and we believe correctly, that the utilization of a nationwide, connected healthcare information infrastructure will both significantly reduce costs as well as drastically improve patient safety. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 acknowledges this and offers $20 billion to promote this end result.

While the final rules have not yet been published, the following information should provide a guideline improving the potential for you to qualify for the maximum amount of reimbursement / compensation from the implementation of this Act. Financial benefits to physicians can occur through reimbursement of purchase costs, low interest loans for purchase costs, and enhanced payments for caring for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Continue reading:'s Analysis of the Current Environment Concerning Promoting the Nationwide Adoption of an Interconnected Electronic Health Record Network