ICD-10 looms over Healthcare in America ominously. Many studies project that a tremendous number of ambulatory medical practices will have very significant cash flow shortfalls . Many of them actually may declare bankruptcy, because of the draconian changes in the required billing processes on October 1st, 2014.  A number of sources of information, including the Federal government at CMS, as seen at http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/Downloads/ICD10SmallMediumChecklistTimeline.pd encourage immediate action!

Don’t get caught short.  Arm yourself with the  knowledge that will prove vital to your practice.  Just as it took a year to learn anatomy, it will take your office a year to undertake the painful migration to using ICD-10 for all of your billing.  To state the obvious, if you are not using ICD-10 for all medical services on or after October 1st, 2014, you will not be paid!

To state the less obvious, this is not an issue only for your billing department.  You, the physician, will need to either:

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